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The Four Types of Leaders

The human energetic field is typically not spherical; it has an irregular shape which is an energetic characteristic of the individual. This shape can be measured directly by magnetically-sensitive or light-sensitive instruments, especially biological sensors, and the shape may be inferred from the Heart Rate Variability and other observations. This is described in detail in Energize Your Heart in Four Dimensions by Puran and Susanna Bair (Living Heart Media, 2007).

The shape of the energetic field (both magnetic and light radiation) has been correlated with personality traits and qualities. We have observed that changes in a person's energetic field result very quickly in changes in attitude and behavior. The energetic field can be changed by the use of the "Six Basic Powers": Intention, Attention, Breath Pattern, Posture of the Body, Physical Stimulation, and Invocation.

The four types of leadership correspond to four different shapes of the energetic field, as follows:

  1. An elevated field creates idealism, optimism and far-sightedness. This is the Visionary type of leader who can see an opportunity that others don't see. This leader is also an excellent communicator who can lead by teaching.
  2. The rising energy also projects forward, making the kind of leader we call the Driver, one with courage and focused drive. This leader is attracted to challenging tasks and works without consideration of the cost to health or other interests.
  3. When the energetic field extends downward, one's deep emotions become available, a powerful source of motivation, concern and empathy. This creates the Ally, a leader who cares deeply about the work he or she does, forms close relationships with others, values loyalty, extends trust, and uses friendship.
  4. The energy that spreads out horizontally creates a broad energetic field that makes a person broad-minded, tolerant, cooperative and harmonious. This is the Integrator, who will keep the work going smoothly and reliably, and extend that feeling of "a hand on the back" to others. This is a leader upon whom others can depend, for he or she takes responsibility.


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